Sentai Episode List - Season 1 (Jetman)

#DescriptionUsed Where
1villains destroy space station, Red Ranger finds Yellow and White101
2five Rangers unite to fight pod monster and jet monster102, 103
3team trains, fights faucet monster; Black Ranger focus107
4White unable to fly her jet, crashes fighting traffic monster105, 128
5jets combine to fight traffic monster105
6Megazord debuts against building monster113
7mirror monster captures people; Red Ranger focus128
8diamond monster puts Blue under a spell; Blue/White focus104
9sewing monster turns Yellow's friend into an assassin108
10ramen noodle monster; Blue Ranger focus, Yellow under anger spell111
11juice machine monster puts Rangers under spells107
12bus monster eats people; Yellow/White focus106
13camera monster captures White in photo--
14new cannon debuts, camera monster defeated112
15voice monster steals people's voices; Blue Ranger focus116
16spirit monster brings illustrations to life; Red Ranger focus115
17evil empress arrives109
18villain (Radiguet) found with amnesia, helps defeat empress110
19fortune-telling monster's ruse spooks White Ranger119
20vacuum monster sucks love from brides; Black Ranger focus117
21Blue Ranger's teddy bear turned into monster114
22Red and Black get in a fight over White; red monster hatches112
23red monster cripples Megazord, extradimensional trio brings new Zord129, 139
24Megazord fights red monster and hijacked Zord; new formation debuts
25armadillo monster creates Shadow Rangers; Black Ranger focus127
26elephant monster brings Rangers into prehistory; Yellow Ranger focus136, 137
27Rangers fight in spirit world; Red Ranger focus128
28blowdryer monster tries to prove himself120, 131
29extradimensional duo victimized by armor monster128
30demonic trio revived130
31demonic duo fight Rangers; new Zord debuts
32demonic duo fuse; Red seeks to free fiancée (Maria) from evil control135
33new weapons debut against cockroach monster133
34Red Ranger seemingly betrays team, infiltrates villains' ship138
35rat monster blinds Blue Ranger131
36ant monster makes people ravenous; a villain (Tran) metamorphoses125
37Rangers fight piranha monster while Red fights Tranza125
38Rangers contend with invisible chameleon monster; Red Ranger focus125, 126
39Black in gambling contest with villain (Gray) to save others122, 128
40meteor monster beats Rangers, military introduces stronger team122, 134
41meteor monster invades Rangers' base; new team re-powers Rangers
42Tranza's robot escapes, helps Gray and Maria124
43commander mind-controlled by microscopic monster; Megazord shrinks128
44Tranza unleashes giant robot (Veronica)139
45Radiguet helps Rangers defeat Veronica
46tomato monster terrifies Yellow Ranger128
47Radiguet helps to defeat Tranza--
48Radiguet turns Maria into a vampire; Red Ranger focus122
49vampire spells defeated, Maria restored to human form121, 126
50final battles against Radiguet and Gray127
51Zords battle Radiguet's monster form122